Why must new customers pay a 50% deposit when making a reservation over holidays?
Recently we've had a large number of no-notice cancellations.  A new client will make a reservation over the phone or by email and then doesn't show up and doesn't provide advance notice that they are going to cancel.  This causes us problems as once the reservation is made we must turn away other customers when we run out of vacancies.  Typically this type of behavior has been happening over holiday periods.  Rest assured, current customers who have use us before are not required to provide the up front deposit.

What is the typical day my dog will have while staying at the Howladay Inn?
Most dogs that stay with us seem to follow the same rhythm.  They typically wake as a pack sometime between 6AM and 7AM and immediately want to go outside to sniff around.  Once they come back in, 7AM to 8AM, it's breakfast time after which they have an hour or two to play, frolic, and explore.  Sometime around the late morning or early afternoon they all, except for the pups, want to relax and spend the rest of the afternoon taking a good nap (sometimes we do too).  If they don't get up on their own we wake them up for dinner at 6 PM, after which most dogs want to spend some more time playing.  Most dogs seem to start slowing down around 8 PM and most want to go to sleep by 9 PM.  Over the course of the day the dogs are let out into the fenced in play area, and back in again, as often as they wish.  The water bowls are kept full of water from the time the dogs get up in the morning until around 7 PM.

What should I bring with my dog for his/her stay at the Howladay Inn?
What you should bring:
Food and whatever scoop or measuring instrument you use to apportion food as well as any medication your dog is taking but bear in mind that if your dog is contagious he/she cannot stay with us.

What you shouldn't bring:
There is no need to bring food or water bowls, we have plenty.  We also have plenty of beds so unless you think your dog will prefer his/her own bed there's no need to bring one.  If you do bring your dog's bed, be aware that most dogs ignore the bed's their owners believe the need to sleep on and choose the futon or one of the other beds scattered around the Inn.  Also be aware that there is the possibility that another dog will decide to use your dog's bed as a chew toy.  We have plenty of toys so as long as you let us know which games your dog likes (frisbee, tug of war, fetch) we will set aside some one-on-one playtime, but as some dogs get possessive about toys we will not leave them laying about.  If your dog is accustomed to being kenneled during certain times of the day and you wish for us to continue this routine we have kennels we can use for the purpose.  Just be sure we get specific directions on this topic as we don't kennel guest dogs.

If I board two or more dogs for 10 or more days what rates apply to me, do I get the "more than 10 day" discount or the "more than one dog" discount?
One discount per customer.  If you have two dogs and those dogs stay with us for more than 10 days you will be charged the same rate as if the dogs only stayed with us for three days, the rate for one dog ($40 per day) without the 10 day discount plus the discounted rate for a 2d dog ($30 per day).  If you board three or more dogs with us simultaneously the first dog is charged the full single dog rate while all other dogs are charged the multiple dog discount.  Using current rates the first dog would be charged at $40 per day and all other dogs are charged at $30 per day.  Details about our rate and billing processes must be reviewed and accepted by all prospective clients prior to scheduling any daycare or boarding appointments.

Will my dog get walks while staying at the Howladay Inn?
Generally speaking we do not walk the dogs that are boarding with us.  We do try to take out the larger or more energetic dogs to ensure they get some extra exercise, but we won't commit to providing your dogs a certain number of walks or amount of time outside the facility walking.  This is due to the fact that we don't have a large staff and we don't like leaving the dogs unattended, and because our neighborhood has no sidewalks and is not conducive to walking along the road.

Can I make arrangements to have a dog walker visit with and walk my dog?
Sorry, but no.  We are attempting to find and make arrangements with a dog walker for those customers that wish to have their dogs walked during their stay.  If we can work an arrangement out you would have to pay the rate charged by the walker, who will receive all of the money, but we will handle scheduling and payment.

I boarded my dog with you before you raised your rates.  Do your new rates apply to me?
No, all customers are grandfathered with the rates they were originally charged by us for the full extent of your customer relationship with the Howladay Inn, no matter how long that is or how many times we raise our rates.  Unfortunately for all those first time customers, the rates that are posted on our website will apply the first time your pup stays with us.

Do you provide any bathing or grooming services?
Sorry, but at this time we don't provide any of these types of services though we are attempting to work out some sort of arrangement with a mobile dog groomer who would conceivably be on site one day a month.  If this works out this will allow you to drop off your dog(s) for a day of daycare during which they will be bathed or groomed per your arrangements.

Will you board or daycare my dog if he/she has not been neutered?
Yes, but only if your dog is less than 6 months old.

Will you board my dog if he/she is not registered with the county I reside in?

Will you board or daycare my dog is he/she is not current on all of her shots?

What shots does my dog need to be accepted at the Inn?
Rabies, Bordatella, and DHLPP.

My dog has a bite history, will you board him/her?
That depends on the bite history, frequency and circumstances.  For example, we will make allowance for dogs that have only bitten once when clearly provoked.  On the other hand, if your dog doesn't mix well with other dogs we are not the place for you or your dog.

Why must my dog and I visit the Inn for a play date prior to being accepted for daycare or boarding?
There are several reasons.  We don't kennel the dogs that are staying at the Inn and we only segregate them during feeding time and toy play time.  At all other times they are allowed to mix and socialize with each other as much as they wish.  This means the dogs that stay with us must be comfortable and friendly around other dogs.  One of the purposes of the play date is to allow us to judge the personality of your dog and ensure that he/she will mix well with the other dogs that stay with us.  Another purpose of the visit is to ensure that you are familiar with us, our facility, and how we will care for your dog.  This ensures you are comfortable with us and our services before you drop off your dog for boarding or daycare.  Finally, we find that dogs that visit us for a play date and then leave with their parents are much more comfortable the second time they visit us when they are dropped off for boarding or daycare.

What do you charge to administer a prescription?
No charge, but if your dog is contagious he/she cannot stay with us.

Do you board other types of animals such as cats?
Generally speaking no.  We have cats of our own and they don't like to share the house with other cats, but Ela is a bird lover so if you have a bird that needs watching give us a call.