I apologize that I cannot accept all dogs. I provide a dog "play" environment in which the dogs, while supervised, are allowed to interact and play with each other in both indoor and outdoor environments. Because I do not kennel or segregate same size dogs, I must strictly limit the temperament of the dogs I accept for the safety of the dogs I spend the day entertaining. The following rules were designed with the goal of ensuring that all of the dogs I care for have a safe and happy environment at the Inn.

All dogs must:

* be spayed or neutered if aged 6 months or older
* be at least 4 months of age
* be non food or toy aggressive
* be on a current flea and tick treatment
* be house trained
* be in good health
* have a "no bite" history

I focus my care and business on small and medium size dogs. Aggressive breeds or mixes such as the following are, generally speaking, not accepted:

* Rottweillers
* Dobermans
* German Shepherds
* Pitbulls and Pitbull mixes (never accepted)

Generally speaking we limit the dogs we accept to under 50 lbs though we will accept larger dogs if they demonstrate a very calm and friendly demeanor, especially around other dogs.

Thank you for your interest in Howladay Inn. To apply to board your dog with us, please:

1. Submit the online application using the link below. Please submit one application for each pet you would like to board with us.

2. Print out the application, sign it, and bring it with you on your first visit.